Breguet Classique 5157 Breguet Classique 5157 Charity Watch Auction On eBay

How much over retail do you think this Breguet Ref. 5157 watch will go for, for charity? With a retail price of $16,200 the 18k gold Breguet watch is currently on eBay awaiting January 9th, 2011, when the auction will end. The proceeds are said to go to the New York Philharmonic’s School Partnership Program. When the money is eventually delivered, the children who attend schools that benefit from charity will no doubt be shocked to have received money from a man that died almost 200 years ago.

The charity sets up music education programs at New York City schools. Pretentious men and women (with fine watches) travel to underprivileged social institutions and set up “scared straight” style lectures to youth. “This man never listened to orchestra music and now he is in jail – life with out parole. Do you want that to be you?” On the other hand, this guy over here practiced piano for seven years, became an account, and now owns a Lexus hybrid… And guess which of them knows what a Breguet is!”

“You little sons of bitches, with you MP3 tracks and your iTuners wouldn’t know good taste if it slapped you across the face like your mother does each time you talk back in that jive talk so popular among you young people. Trust us, the oboe is your friend, and it WILL get you laid. Unlike those pants you have dragging on the floor. I’m now gonna show you how this violin stick can be used to serenade a lost lover, or make fires in the wild during a survival situation.”

I am guessing that that is pretty much how it goes… What amuses me most is how watch brand’s love to pick on eBay as the “bastion of gray marketers -” and then use it as a venue for a high-end watch charity auction. Of course eBay is so much more than that – and I personally think that educated buyers should use is all the time. See the auction link below.

Breguet 5157 watch auction on eBay for charity here. Breguet Classique 5157 Charity Watch Auction On eBay

Since 1960, Bulova’s Accutron brand has defined the ultimate in precision timekeeping. As the world’s first fully electronic watch, Accutron revolutionized the way the world told time, offering what was then the most accurate timekeeping mechanism ever devised.

The Unquestioned Leader in Timekeeping

When Accutron debuted on October 25, 1960 it was the most accurate timing mechanism available and the first personal timekeeping advancement in 300 years. The world’s first electronic watch without springs or an escapement, it was operated by an electronically activated tuning fork, instead of ticking, it hummed.

Bulova Accutron2 Bulova Accutron   Worlds First Fully Electronic WatchBulova Accutron

Bulova Accutron had an important place in history as an integral part of 46 missions of the US space program. Before the technology was available commercially, NASA requested its use in the development of the United States’ greatest single engineering achievement, man’s first landing on the moon. In addition to the role Accutron technology played in the missions leading up to the first manned lunar landing, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin placed an Accutron timer in the Sea of Tranquility to control transmissions of data to earth.

Bulova Accutron Bulova Accutron   Worlds First Fully Electronic WatchBulova Accutron

The landmark tuning fork movement and exhibition case of the renowned Accutron Spaceview have been meticulously recreated by Bulova for an exclusive 50th Anniversary limited edition. In stainless steel, with curved sapphire crystal, luminous hands and markers, four-screw caseback, black alligator strap and water resistance to 30 meters, each exquisitely crafted collector’s model is individually numbered and comes in a specially designed wood and glass display case accompanied by an official plaque attesting to its position in a controlled, limited edition run of 1,000.

OMEGA created the first true divers’ watch, the OMEGA Marine, in 1932 and has been a world leader in timepieces for underwater adventure ever since. This article looks back at a classic divers’ watch from 1957 and one of the brand’s contemporary products which it inspired.

The 1957 OMEGA Automatic Seamaster 300

The OMEGA Automatic Seamaster 300 released in 1957 was, in the words of an advertisement for the watch, “specially designed for professional and amateur divers.” Its water resistance was guaranteed to a depth of 200 metres. The watch was known as the 300 because its performance was far beyond the capacities of the testing devices of the time, a result of the high resistance of the crystal and the crown.

spirit and history hall of  OMEGA’s diving DNAOMEGA’s diving DNA

It was equipped with OMEGA’s calibre 28 SC-501 and had a matt black oxidised dial. It had Arabic numerals at the quarters, luminous triangular hour markers and highly visible arrowhead hands treated with radium. The tip of its central seconds hand was also coated with radium for easy legibility in all light conditions.

The OMEGA 300’s rotating bezel made it possible for divers to keep track of the exact time of the duration of their dives. The caseback featured the now-iconic Seahorse medallion – it has graced the backs of Seamasters and Speedmasters ever since.

The OMEGA 300 was the perfect accessory for professional divers. No one was in a better position to describe the OMEGA Automatic Seamaster 300 at work then Alain Julien, a French commercial diver who wore his “300” on a daily basis in 1958 and 1959. Julien wrote “The Seamasters are of extraordinary solidarity and precision. No other watch competing with Omega has ever resisted the hardships linked to such underwater work as seabed prospecting, pipe laying, repair of works such as piers and dams, and recovery work on wrecks. The Seamaster 300s presented no defects. Despite the shocks of often extreme brutality, the cold water, and the great depths at which we work, they remained of an astonishing robustness and precision. By way of indication, each of us has dived more than 1,500 times.”

The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean

The elegant yet robust design of the OMEGA Automatic Seamaster 300 is recalled by the Seamaster Planet Ocean. Like its ancestor, the Planet Ocean has a rugged stainless steel case presented on a stainless steel bracelet. It also has an easy-to-read black unidirectional rotating bezel and a dramatic black dial.

But it also distinguished by some features which suit it perfectly to the needs of contemporary divers: it has a helium escape valve and is water resistant to an impressive 600 metres (2000 feet).

The Planet Ocean is powered by OMEGA’s Co-Axial calibre 2500 and its outstanding performance is confirmed by its COSC chronometer certification.

There is a distinct family resemblance between the 1957 OMEGA Automatic Seamaster 300 and the contemporary OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean. We are delighted to have created a watch which preserves an exciting part of our undersea legacy but is equipped with features which make it a true state-of-the-industry divers’ watch.

P90X Recipes

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There are plenty of P90X recipes that are within the nutritional guidelines of the fitness program. There should be no time while you are following the nutritional program that you become bored of the food. P90X recipes don’t have to include a ton of peculiar ingredients as you can find all but everything for a flourishing P90X recipe at your civic grocery store or your farmer’s market. When you order the P90X fitness program from Beachbody, you receive a nutrition guide that lists plenty of peculiar recipes that are acceptable on the fitness plan. You can go by these clear-cut recipes or you can get visionary and make your peculiar meals and snacks from the list of approved foods in the guide. There is no need for you to get stressed expired about cooking flourishing P90X recipes as any won’t undeviating require you to cook anything at total. For any people coming up with different meals and snack ideas that are flourishing is complicated save for others that comes congenital to them. If you are getting bored of the ideas that are stated forth in the nutrition guide that comes with the fitness program, you guilelessly need to flip over to the portion approach for the approved foods on the program. A good idea is to list total the foods that you are willing to eat and the ones that total good to you. Next, list any pushover combinations of the approved P90X foods that total like they would taste good well-adjusted. It may be something walkover like grilled chicken kabobs with onion and flourishing pepper. If you are skilled in the kitchen, you may come up with can of worms P90X recipes such as chicken fajitas. Remember that you don’t have to cook whole meal that you eat. Most grocery stores have pre-cooked grilled chicken strips or you can undeviating use stringy lunch meats like turkey breast. Add in any underdone vegetables and fruits and you can surely make a headlong and undemanding P90X approved meal or snack. Without a health diet like the one that is outlined in the nutrition guide, it is extravagant not easy to have success at P90X. Nutrition and exercise needs to go well-adjusted extremely that you can get the mostest benefits from your time and work that you put into the fitness program. It makes no sense to exercise as hard as you do in P90X and suddenly go ruin your efforts with debilitated foods. Instead, to be sure that you are following the undocked program on the money extremely that you can reap the manifold benefits from it. P90X recipes should not be complicated or boring. The vital is to finding flourishing foods that you like and preparing them in a flourishing way. Tiffany Brunskole is a writer for Surfer Body Fitness, an Online retailer who specializes in workout products and supplies from Beachbody fitness such as P90X. P90X can help you burn manifold calories and achieve weight loss dashing.

AP Museum watches 1 Best Of: Audemars Piguet Watch Museum

It is ironic (and sad), that literally a week or two after I visited the Audemars Piguet Watch Museum in Le Brassus, it was burglarized! Yup, flat out heist. The thieves scaled the sides of the building with a ladder, broke into a window and ran off across the border into France with some watches. I am not sure what they were able to run off with. The museum is designed such that the exhibits are each in highly secured “vault” style rooms. Meaning that if you break into one room, chances are that you aren’t gonna get into other rooms. I wonder what they were able to get. Some of those items are likely pictured here. Audemars Piguet and European police are clearly after the thieves, but a job like this requires a highly sophisticated client who wants the items for themselves. Not like you can sell one of a kind stolen watches on the open market. Everyone is gonna know they aren’t legitimately for sale.

AP Museum watches 15 Best Of: Audemars Piguet Watch Museum

AP Museum watches 5 Best Of: Audemars Piguet Watch Museum

AP Museum watches 24 Best Of: Audemars Piguet Watch Museum

While I truly hope the stolen pieces are recovered, some might not, and images like these that I took might be all that the public has to look at when interested in a brand’s rich history. Audemars Piguet is truly an historic brand, and the museum is located in the La Vallee du Joux where it all started. There are too many watches here to discuss individually. Many of them you’ll find in the gallery below.

Aside from beautiful historic pockets watches, the museum has a number of Royal Oaks, and highly complex Audemars Piguet timepieces. A few highlights for me are the very first Royal Oak (designed by renowned watch maker and designer Gerald Genta), that is seen above. Below it you’ll see an early dive style Royal Oak (looks like it predates the Offshore). The museum is literally a bastion for Royal Oak lovers – they have tons of them. It is actually amazing to see all the iterations of the Royal Oak. From the handsome, simple three-handed original – to models with grand complication  movements in them.

AP Museum watches 7 Best Of: Audemars Piguet Watch Museum

AP Museum watches 22 Best Of: Audemars Piguet Watch Museum

Audemars Piguet really loved the art deco era. Lots of the pocket and wrist watches they have on display are from that era. Some of them are really gorgeous. The last image you’ll see here before the gallery is of a special satellite based watch that is the exact same style that URWERK now uses. Neither Audemars Piguet or URWERK invented the system, but you can see that while URWERK makes it feel ultra modern, it is a way of telling the time that has been around for a while. Lastly, don’t miss the Audemars Piguet watch made and finished by Philippe Dufour (images in the gallery). I also want to apologize the images not being the best possible. Lighting was not exactly “prime” for photography there.

If you are in Le Brassus and want to see the Audemars Piguet museum, I recommend it. Hopefully they will be able to “restore” the full collection in due time.

The Reserve Collection reveals two new specimens of prominent consequence; The Reserve Sea Hunter and The Lady Reserve Ocean Quest.

Prepared to face depths up to 300 meters, the Sea Hunter arrives fully loaded with Professional Swiss Quartz Chronograph movement, a carbon fiber dial sitting at 58mm, surgical solid stainless steel case, a unidirectional bezel all under the protection of a an outer edge polyurethane ring complete with a specially molded polyurethane band.

The Invicta Lady Reserve Ocean Quest is reaching new fathoms. This stunner is a Professional Swiss made Chronograph with a stainless steel screw-down case back and crown, a color polyurethane numerical bezel ring and choices of 18kt ionic gold or rose gold plating. Plus, hand-set diamonds on index positions ice the 40mm mother of pearl dial.

The Invicta Reserve Collection continues to enhance time.

Invicta Reserve Sea Hunter

Invicta SeaHunter 530x271 Invicta Reserve Sea Hunter and Invicta Lady Reserve Ocean QuestInvicta Reserve Sea Hunter

Invicta Lady Reserve Ocean Quest

Invicta ReserveOceanQuest 530x257 Invicta Reserve Sea Hunter and Invicta Lady Reserve Ocean QuestInvicta Lady Reserve Ocean Quest

How to buy the most stylish suit

Man should always wears smart aggravate their character places, including not only a beautiful clothes is an appropriate hair style, fashion accessories, a clean pair of shoes. Before freezing in the types, to fit you want to buy, you should consider the type of event or circumstance, you are expected to attend the conference. If you wear applications require formals, then you will go well for you. Before buying a suit, you need to consider many options, such as your taste and personality and body mass.

* types of suit, the conservative men’s suits usually wear the most professional place. But there are also other types of suits can be like a sea of solid, charcoal chalk stripe, navy pinstripe, charcoal solid, brown solid and prince of wales grid.

* navy solid – solid navy looks good on everyone, because it increases the cooler tones for those who have clear color, warm for those who have fragrance of gold in their skin and hair. Generally speaking, it is worn at weddings and funerals. Is the ideal when you wear the clothes, the evening’s activities, an elegant pale gold and silver tie.

* charcoal with the traditional clothes of chalk, this is the man’s chalk stripe and is carbon perfect day when the time is right. Always remember, black color display integrity and stability, if you want to enhance the severity and confidence of environment, you might buy rich charcoal tones.

* suitable for jacket, a variety of important characteristic, include suit jacket of fabric color and weight, the style or cut way, details of the application and cleanup degrees of the custom wearer, etc. But the most basic and important characteristic is cut, lack of suit will never good-looking despite the wearer suitable is the best quality and detailing.

* custom custom made a suit, is made up of two important part of the overall profile and specific people ratio will wearing it. A good buying habits suit is tailor litigation flattery, the wearer of the best places, can reduce any defects. These clothes are scope the wearer’s measurement and by hand established by a master tailor.

* made-to-measure suit, it is suitable for the ready-made device, according to the general change the wearer frame. Such suit can only be changed to a certain point, not suit and a habit to build. As the name suggests, this people no change to an average, regulate and don’t fit the best for most closed.

* suitable for quality – quality suits indicates its trimming and choose its details. It also includes pocket style, linings, button materials and increase the subtle signal coat is quality such as ticket pockets and functional cuff button. Such a small element will the suit elegant character and also the wearer.

This give you a general idea of style, and reduce the fabric used in a suit. But always remember, understand basic classical man’s style is important to everyone, but most responsible for suitable like wearing it.

WatchMouse, a global industry leader in self-service website and application performance monitoring, tested the websites belonging to the companies listed on the FTSE 100, a share index of the 100 most highly capitalized UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, for availability and performance. Only two of the FTSE 100 company websites registered 100% uptime. The websites with the lowest uptimes included Legal & General Group (87.4%), Cobham (91.8%) and Next Group (94.8%). The websites with the best uptimes included Burberry (100%), Rexam (100%) and 3i Group (99.9%).

These are the 100 largest public companies in the UK and only twenty-one of their websites met the industry standard of 99.9% uptime or greater, states Mark Pors, CTO and co-founder of WatchMouse. These websites are key channels for these companies to attract new business, provide investors with information and project a professional corporate image. It’s been four years since our first testing, and we’re surprised that our research found that these sites are performing worse than they did in 2006.

WatchMouse monitored the websites during the period of January 20, 2010 to February 27, 2010. According to industry standards, availability of greater than or equal to 99.9% is regarded as good while anything below 99% is regarded as poor site uptime.

The sites were checked every five minutes during the test period from one of the 42 WatchMouse global monitoring stations, and included a retrieval of the website home page, without graphics or frames. The home page was expected to load within eight seconds without any errors. If that time was exceeded or a server error occurred, WatchMouse verified the results using another of its monitoring stations. The result was counted as either poor availability or unavailable if a second error was established.

See to read the full report of all FTSE 100 company website uptimes or visit for real-time status and statistical data on each websites performance.

This website performance monitoring research covers the websites of the following organisations: Burberry Group, Rexam, 3i Group, Alliance Trust, Centrica, Whitbread, Xstrata, Sage Group, InterContinental Hotels Group, London Stock Exchange, SABMiller, The Sage Group, Vodafone Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson Matthey, Standard Life, BAE Systems, Friends Provident, Kingfisher, J Sainsbury, Cable and Wireless, AMEC, British Sky Broadcasting Group, Imperial Tobacco Group, Rio Tinto, HSBC, Fresnillo, Royal Dutch Shell, Diageo, Aviva, Thomas Cook Group, British Land Company, Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation, Schroders, Lonmin, Marks & Spencer Group, BP, Liberty International, Old Mutual, Severn Trent, Rentokil Initial, Unilever, SEGRO, Reckitt Benckiser, British American Tobacco, Standard Chartered Bank, Petrofac, British Airways, Land Securities Group, Scottish and Southern Energy, Randgold Resources, Invensys, Admiral Group, Rolls-Royce Group, Compass Group, Cadbury Schweppes, Lloyds Banking Group, BHP Billiton, The Capita Group, Wm Morrison Supermarkets, Hammerson, Intertek Group, BG Group, Pearson, Antofagasta, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, National Grid, Wolseley, Associated British Foods, Tesco, Cairn Energy, Smith & Nephew, Tullow Oil, International Power, Autonomy Corporation, Bunzl, Prudential, Vedanta Resources, Man Group, Anglo American, G4S, Inmarsat, Home Retail Group, AstraZeneca, Experian Group, ICAP, Shire Pharmaceuticals Group, RSA Insurance Group, TUI Travel, Serco Group, BT Group, WPP Group, Smiths Group, Kazakhmys, United Utilities, Carnival, Reed Elsevier, Next Group, Cobham, and Legal & General Group.

Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph 1 Zenith Watches Rebalanced

1865 and 1,546.

Those are, respectively, the founding year of Swiss watchmaker Zenith and the number of first-place chronometer competitions they’ve won. Almost unknown in the USA due to sharing a name with a consumer electronics company, Zenith is one of the small number of companies to have their own movements, or manufacture. In particular, their chronograph series ‘El Primero’ powered the Rolex Daytona from 1988 until 2000, as well as Tag Heuer Calibre 36, Panerai OP IV, Ulysse Nardin and others. They also have the ‘Elite’ movement, which is an in-house chronometer-grade timekeeper with date complication. Price for the pieces isn’t bad actually.

(They’ve also negotiated an exemption with Zenith Electronics, allowing them to market and sell in the USA.)

Up until 2001, Zenith made classic Swiss-style watches: dressy, understated, usually less than 38mm, in-house movements with excellent finishes. In 2001, Thierry Nataf took over as CEO and, until early 2009, took the brand in an entirely new direction: Huge, flamboyant watches with big names and brazen designs. Like this one:

ml image.56127 Zenith Watches Rebalanced

Or this one:

zenith defyxtreme zero g tourbillon watch Zenith Watches Rebalanced

Whether you like them or not, they were an experiment, and one that crashed along with the global economy. New CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour has tacked back and is emphasizing in-house movements and classic designs. The ‘striking 10th’ at the top of this article is probably my favorite – high-beat movement, well-proportioned dial and enough touches of color to provide visual interest.

The Elite movement is used in the lower-cost watches; chronographs have more parts and cost more. I quite the Elite Captain in gold:

zenith elite captain watch11 Zenith Watches Rebalanced

A classic dress watch, in the best sense of the word. The blued seconds hand is subtly modern touch, the branding is understated, the hands good lengths, and gold on silvered dial is perennially popular for good reason. I’ve read that Zenith starts just under three thousand, for a gold case expect to pay maybe one to two thousand more.

An article in Watch Time with the CEO mentioned that Zenith is trying for good value in a top-grade Swiss watch. That, combined with a strong recession, should keep Zenith more affordable than you’d expect – hurray for that!

Of course, if you’ve got the money, Zenith has the high-end pieces too:

zenprimtourb4 Zenith Watches RebalancedTheir tourbillon, quite nice. Read more here.

There’s also the nifty gimballed tourbillon, the Christophe Coulomb:

zenith christophe colomb alt Zenith Watches RebalancedRead more here. That’s competing with the likes of the JLC Gyrotourbillon; elite stuff and priced stratospherically.

The Elite line also includes a line even more classic than the one above; the Ultra Thin collection. With 7.6mm thick cases and subseconds at 9 o’clock, the look is understated elegance. I like this model:

65.2010.681 91.C493 md Zenith Watches RebalancedAvailable in a variety of dial and case colors, the gray/silver combination really really works for me. Yum.

Overall I’d say it’s a good time to look at Zenith. The designs are impeccably classic, the prices reasonable, and the in-house movements places them in the rare pantheon of chronograph manufactures, of which there are but ten in the world.